The Twelve Apostles are located along the spectacular Great Ocean Road,Australia. The Twelve Apostles were formed by erosion of the original coastline. The constant action of the sea on the limestone slowly wore down the rocky cliff, gradually leaving individual rocks.

The Twelve Apostles is one of the most visited natural sites in Australia. The site contains various geological rock types, including limestone, calcarenite, mudstone and sandstone. The Twelve Apostles are large limestone stacks which were formed as a result of erosion by rain, gale force winds and wild seas.

The twelve Apostles is home to the Weedy Sea dragon, Little Penguins, Lobster, Abalone, Sea urchins, Australian Fur Seals & Reef fish. there offers a very impressive natural scenery. Sunrise and sunset offer particularly impressive views as the Twelve Apostles change colour from dark and foreboding in shadow to brilliant sandy yellow under a full sun.


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